Team Create

Dr. Schuyler Esprit
Dr. Schuyler Esprit
Founder and Director

Schuyler Esprit is the Founder and Director of Create Caribbean Research Institute, the first digital humanities center in the Caribbean. Her research areas of interest include Caribbean literary and cultural studies, environmental and ecological humanities, and digital humanities. Dr. Esprit’s current research focuses on the impact of reading in communities in real and virtual spaces.

Our Advisory Board

The Honourable Justice
Wynante Mary Adrien-Roberts
Anthony Cyrille

Evadney Esprit

Hermancia Eugene-Zamore, PhD
Darin Grell
Kimone Joseph
Dr. Rhea Olivaccé

Our Staff

Yuanne Stowe
Project Manager
Jaelle Edmund
Research Assistant
Melissa Boyne
Program Officer
Zamar Thomas
Programmer and Technology Specialist

Aldon Gage
Program Coordinator

Our Graduate fellows

KV Bailey
Joanna Jackson

Our Interns

Alisha Desiree
Jada Lanns
Meekalys Louis
Kiara Marcel