The Create Mission


We envision a Caribbean in which knowledge is accessible and freely shared among all people. We preserve and disseminate Caribbean culture and heritage, build and share digital tools for academic use, and engage in community outreach and public education on topics of significance to the region.

Mission Statement

Create Caribbean Inc. aims to develop the creative capacity of youth in Dominica and the Eastern Caribbean through a focus on  education and research in the arts, humanities and social sciences. Our goal is to foster a culture of intellectual inquiry, encourage the use of digital technology in academic research, and increase outreach and community participation in the preservation and dissemination of Caribbean history, heritage and other research areas of significance.

 Our Values

Community: We are committed to building a robust intellectual community in Dominica and the Eastern Caribbean by providing resources and support to students, scholars and community organizations.

Openness:  We strive to cultivate a culture of open access to knowledge and research at the stages of acquisition, curation, maintenance and dissemination of its various research endeavors.

Partnership and Diversity: Our organization values diversity at all levels and employs human and intellectual resources that demonstrate awareness of a variety of world views and sociopolitical positions.

Collaboration: The research and teaching practiced with and through Create Caribbean Inc. are principled on the collaboration among scholars, technicians, corporate stakeholders, students and citizens for the creation and implementation of policies and practices that serve citizens at all levels of the socioeconomic spectrum.

Transparency: We are committed to a transparent and accessible operation in our intellectual, financial, and professional activities. The organization will maintain its transparency through the establishment and continuity of an advisory board, which will disseminate matters of interest to the public and specific authorities in a timely and professional manner.

Integrity: Our goal in the organization is to maintain the search for truth in all practices done by or within Create Caribbean Inc. Our ethos is built on personal and intellectual integrity.