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Create Caribbean Research Institute

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  • Identify and propose projects related to cultural preservation.
  • Design, build and publish academic web-based resources for use at all grade levels, with specific focus on Caribbean history, literature, arts, social and political development.
  • Facilitate access to research databases, regional and international scholars and relevant conferences and workshops to students and faculty.
  • Host lecture and film series related to Caribbean cultural studies for the Dominica State College campus community.


  • Develop apps, games and other software to display and distribute educational and research content to students, scholars and the general public.
  • Provide internships, mentoring and training opportunities for students interested in IT to build skills in app development.
  • Provide Digital Media workshops for students age 5-16 to increase interest in digital tools and ICT/STEM fields.
  • Provide professional development workshops for Dominica State College faculty on the integration of technology in the classroom.


  • Identify and partner with community organizations to design and produce projects on cultural heritage and preservation.
  • Partner with civic and service organizations to support existing educational programs related to Create Caribbean Inc.’s mission and programs.
  • Enhance the academic and social community of the Dominica State College by providing a space at the Research Institute where students, lecturers and invited guests can meet, spend time and informally exchange ideas.

Create Caribbean Inc. is a non-profit education focused organization that supports students and scholars in academic research, teaching and learning, with an emphasis on using digital technologies. We work to bridge academic excellence, tech empowerment and civic engagement to help build a better Caribbean. Create Caribbean Inc. is currently based in the Commonwealth of Dominica and hopes to extend its reach across the Eastern Caribbean through various outreach experiences. We are located on the Stockfarm Campus of Dominica State College.

We envision a Caribbean in which knowledge is accessible and freely shared among all people. We preserve and disseminate Caribbean culture and heritage, build and share digital tools for academic use, and engage in community outreach and public education on topics of significance to the region.

Our Programs

Dedicated to fostering innovative research, education, and community engagement throughout the Caribbean region, the institute hosts various programs/ activities.

RTC Internship Program

The internship program is an unpaid apprenticeship program. However, there will be opportunities for compensation for work on specific projects of the Research Institute that require additional student labour.

Create & Code Program

Create and Code is a technology education program offered by Create Caribbean to encourage students aged 5 -16 to engage multiple forms of digital literacy, including coding, game and app development, blogging etc.

Community Partners Program

Create Caribbean’s Community Partners Programme is an initiative launched in 2022 to support local and regional organisations working on themes related to our priority areas – the arts and cultural heritage preservation…

Create Caribbean Research Institute at Dominica State College provides free services and consultation to Dominica State College faculty, students and staff in the areas of research support, educational technology, and other academic support services designed by the Institute or upon request of a member of the DSC community.  The services to the Dominica State College community are free upon validation of their DSC credentials.

How To Support

The Caribbean island of Dominica is a developing nation with comparatively limited resources to devote to substantial complementary programs to support its higher education infrastructure. As such, our resources are limited and we are constantly engaging new ideas that will allow us to develop and sustain our programmes and activities, an investment in the high quality contribution to Caribbean tertiary education that is possible through our research institute. We welcome material and intellectual support from all parts of the world and encourage governmental, academic, NGO and corporate partners to find out more about our mission and activities with an eye to becoming a part of our Create Caribbean vision.

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