WePlanet Inc.

WePlanet Inc. is an emergent non-profit social enterprise founded by Christianna Paul with the help of co-founders Mhea Bardouille, Kyanna Dyer, Kyra Edwards, and ZebadiJah Maxwell. The enterprise was formally registered as a Non-Profit Corporation on March 8th, 2022 with the assistance of Optimum Legal to protect and improve the natural environment in the Caribbean for present and future generations by encouraging and rewarding individuals to adopt small eco-friendly decisions.

WePlanet Inc. acts on its motto, “Small Actions, Big Change” by creating innovative solutions that encourage all sectors to be more environmentally conscious. One of these solutions is the creation of a mobile application that optimizes the use of Progressive Web Application (PWA), technology. The functionalities of the mobile app are specially curated to motivate, educate, and encourage everyone, including businesses in the private sector, to implement eco-friendly strategies and choices. One of the app’s main capabilities is the ‘Eco-Points’ feature. This incentive-based model rewards individuals for making eco-friendly choices such as shopping with reusable bags instead of disposable plastics, buying eco-friendly products and participating in the app’s Eco-Challenges through the use of monetary or voucher-based donations from the enterprise’s “Eco-Sponsors” or by providing discounts and other promotional deals which can be redeemed at “Eco-Partner” locations. WePlanet Inc. will officially launch all features of the mobile application to the public on June 4, 2022, in celebration of “World Environment Day.”

The organization’s model can be categorized as a collaborative effort; thus, one of WePlanet Inc’s main tasks is the recruitment of public and private enterprises to partner with the organization, as well as encouraging individuals and club organizations to join and be active users of the organization. 

Lastly, WePlanet Inc. has participated in numerous competitions to acquire financing to further develop this initiative and for publicity. Currently, the enterprise has emerged as a semi-finalist in the 2021 Technovation Girls – a global competition for girls in STEM; finalists in the 2021 Global Environmental Education Partnership (GEEP) Youth Innovation Challenge; winner of the OECS Island Ideas Challenge; and recipient of the Dominica Youth Business Trust’s Social Enterprise Incubator Grant.

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