The One Seed A Day Initiative

The One Seed a Day Initiative (OSADI) was founded in June 2020 by Ms. Alyah LeBlanc as a social media campaign seeking to address the importance of food sustainability by promoting easy agri-smart systems adopting the “Eat What You Grow” concept. The initiative is meant to encourage the global community in becoming more self-reliant regards to food production and less dependent on mass food producers especially within Dominica. Using the social media hashtag “#oneseedaday”, OSADI has captured a targeted audience of young users on social media, piquing their interest and encouraging their involvement in agriculture with our regular content of easy Do-It-Yourself home garden practices promoting sustainable practices. We celebrate the anniversary of the Initiative every June, where we embark on a sustainable campaign that promotes environmental awareness of how we can contribute to our home food systems. OSADI hosted the 2021 “Plant a tree with OSADI” campaign, distributing 40 fruit trees of four (4) different species; guava cherry, papaya, surinamese cherry and coconut suitable for backyard space donated by Tree Planters Nursery. OSADI Enterprises serves as the registered sole trader company for the One Seed a Day Initiative that acts on behalf of legal commitments and requests for the organization. The business however, because we operate on the basis of content creation, volunteerism and collaborations, we are not operating on profit generating business at our current levels of project initiations. However, we do plan to expand as an Non- Governmental Organization that will essentially cater to charity work, as well as offer products and technical services to promote us as a sustainable brand.

See below our organization link which gives access to our social media platforms featuring our sustainable campaigns and the team structure.