Learning about the Caribbean and our Environment

By Gribran Esprit

Create Caribbean is an Institute that preserves the Caribbean culture and heritage. Being an intern at Create means that everyone is tasked with working on research projects on the Caribbean such as mapping. Presently, we are working on a project called the Carisealand project which entails an alternative Caribbean future to sustainable living. It is also a “multi-disciplinary project that explores how Caribbean people navigate the social, environmental and economic impacts of climate change and disaster vulnerability”. Regarding the project, each intern was given a Caribbean country to look up and fill in a spreadsheet the country’s various environmental sites, companies or organizations. We were also tasked to place links and other information into the table for resource purposes.

The country that was assigned to me is Trinidad. Trinidad is a country well known for manufacturing and still it contains great environmental sites. It is also a popular tourist destination in the Caribbean. Gathering information on Trinidad was quite difficult because some organizations and companies which were once active were no longer operating. Additionally, filing in the spreadsheet table took me some time to finish since I had very little time to work on it and the research materials were limited. Other than these minor issues, the project was otherwise easy to complete, fun to research, and increased my knowledge of other countries’ sites and the way they protect their environment.

Finally, without the help and patience of the other interns and instructors, I would be lost and unsure of what was expected of me. 

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