Moving Forward

By Kaila-Ann Guiste

This semester at Create we finally completed the sheet for the mapping of resources in ArcGIS. In addition, I had the opportunity to become more adept in ArcGIS, other mapping software and Twine in my downtime.  Going through the spreadsheet gave me greater awareness of places in the Caribbean dedicated to the fight against climate change and how they worked. As a result, I began contemplating how we can break bad habits that are a part of our lifestyle but damage our precious Dominica. In addition, the google algorithm, because of my searches, currently gives me news and updates from the countries I worked on. This makes me more involved in regional news and activities. Seeing the points display on the map properly after all that tedious work really made it worth it.

This semester’s interactions were completely online and low contact, but this did not affect the comfortable atmosphere in meetings or work distribution. At the beginning of lockdown in March, transferring to zoom and online work was difficult, and I expected the same difficulties with the increased online interaction, but it was actually fine despite testing my self-discipline. We began getting into another project that I am very excited about called The Lab. In this project, we envision a sustainable future for the village of Mahaut. I look forward to what’s ahead.

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