Slightly Stressed But Happier Than Ever

by Kimani Corbette

Hi my name is Kimani Corbette and I am currently a chemistry and biology major at the Dominica State College. I learned about Create Caribbean through a summer outreach program the organisation had in 2022. I was engaged in interviewing multiple small businesses all over the island to assess their ability to with stand disasters. During this, I learned about the program, how to apply and what it would require of me and I made the decision to apply.

My decision to apply was cemented by a want to acquire new skills and training in a field that I’m not focused on. Create Caribbean is a research-based institution, which uses IT to facilitate a lot of its projects. As a science major, I am not often exposed to these areas so my internship here at create helps with that aspect. Upon completion of the internship, I hope to be well versed in the skills I’m acquiring.

Currently, I am working with The Chronicle and One Seed a Day. With The Chronicle, my main
task is to name scanned news paper articles, dating back to 1944 in order to make them easily
accessible. With One seed a Day, we are currently developing a website which is intended to
broadcast the activities of the organisation.

Being an intern at Create Caribbean takes a lot of hard work and determination, my biggest
challenge thus far has been finding the motivation and time to keep up with deadlines and
activities. As a double major with an already busy schedule, making time is difficult but I make it
work. In the coming year I plan to improve on my time management skills and put more effort
into this internship. Thus far, all my expectations in this internship have been met and while I am
slightly stressed, I am happier than ever.

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