My Internship Journey Thus Far

by Meekalys Louis

My name is Meekalys Louis, I am 17 years old, and I am a first year student at the Dominica State College. I am generally a hard worker but wouldn’t consider myself an overachiever. Currently I am majoring in Business Administration (Marketing). In the future however, I am thinking of going into the sciences and pursuing a Human Biology major.

I learned about Create Caribbean first from a classmate who had been going to the camps. Later, I formally learned about it through a teacher who shared a Facebook post with the class. I chose this program because the field of digital humanities sparked an interest in me. I also hoped to find like-minded individuals through this program, and develop a network of colleagues, mentors, and friends.
At the end of this program, I hope to learn research and digital humanities skills. I also hope that
this program will continue teaching me critical thinking skills, and exposing me to new thoughts
and ideas.

Currently I am working on the Space and Place project. My individual project title is ‘History and Evolution of Dance in the Caribbean Region’.

The most challenging part of this internship is the annotations. It is difficult for me since some of the articles are quite lengthy, and others are more informational so I don’t know how to approach annotating it without echoing what has already been said.

My expectations of the internship would be that there would be more hands-on work. In this regard, the internship has only recently begun meeting my expectations.

I’m not sure if this is considered an improvement, but I would like to be more active in projects come next year. I would like to have more responsibilities as it relates to research, application et cetera.

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