My Create Intern Experience

By Tahj Pollock

I have been introduced to many interesting topics and scenarios relating to history and information technology at my internship at Create Caribbean. I feel myself growing every day as I obtain new information from working with Create. Although it gets tough at times trying to balance school and the internship, it feels very rewarding to accomplish the tasks given to me as I leave each session with something to show for it and experience.

As a Geography major, the work we do with ArcGIS, the tutorials and guidance given has been of great help to me and will make later encounters with it easier when pursuing Geography in the future. The other work we have done in digital humanities has also given me an opportunity to not only learn more about the technological aspect, but also the historical aspect that ties into the need for information and how it has changed. Though I may not have everything mastered in relation to ArcGIS, I have enjoyed taking steps in the right direction.

Thanks to the internship and the work we have done, I can say that not only am I pleased that I have come further than I was before working with them, but that I can enjoy working with them and have fun while learning and mastering the various software we will use in the future.

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