Create Caribbean through the Eyes of Creators

By Rennick Stevens

I will be honest, I did not know anything about Create Caribbean when I decided to join.  I blindly signed up for something I had no knowledge about.  So you may ask, “what made you join Create?” I was introduced by a friend who knew a friend who had some ties to the institute. However, since the day I signed up to be an intern at Create Caribbean I have never looked back and regretted it.

As time passed I learnt what it really meant to be part of an amazing group. Like a friend would always say, “you guys are a bunch of effective people”, so I can say that Create Caribbean is an effective group of people. You really learn a lot from both the institution and your peers. From deep research to sharpening writing skills and from public speaking to just being able to make friends, Create Caribbean has a lot to offer.

Computer science and business administration are my focus. My majors are a plus for me as an intern because as often emphasized at Create, research and technology go together. The greatest experience for me was being able to teach children in the summer at Create and Code 2019. Additionally, I was given a topic to do some research and to present my findings on ‘Public Health and Pollution’. I can truly say I’ve learnt a lot from doing research. Most notably, I’ve learnt that most of the habits that we have cause our own demise and destruction. However, In doing research I encountered many challenges. For example, there was a serious lack of information on my topic and at times it was difficult to determine the validity of sources. But that didn’t deter me; I was still able to complete my project.

What an experience I have had so far at Create Caribbean. There is never a dull moment at Create Caribbean. The interns and administration become your family and it feels like a home away from home. I am extremely proud to be a part of this institute, a place where I developed into the best version of myself.

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