Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone

by Kiara Marcel

Hi! I am Kiara Marcel, a proud intern at the Create Caribbean Research Institute. Though I am a Dominica State College freshman student currently majoring in business administration (general), I anticipate becoming a double major in September, adding the programme of entrepreneurship.

To begin with, even before I was officially a student at the Dominica State College, I desired to pursue an internship. Not only did I think that an internship would have enhanced the capacity of my knowledge and provided me with valuable experience, but I was also hoping to get out of my comfort zone. Hence, when I was found out via the Dominica State College group chat on an opening for intern applications, I did not hesitate to leap at the golden opportunity. Furthermore, following intricate research about the programme, it was discovered that the internship was along the lines of the areas that I enjoyed in relation to its connection with the humanities. In addition, the research component was also alluring, because I am an immensely curious individual who is always ready to find answers. Although the thought that the internship required technology use at first induced reluctance, I decided that it was time to expose myself to something new. As has been said, “All growth starts at the end of your comfort zone”.

In continuation, entry into the programme was at first very intimidating, noting that I was seeing everyone for the first time along with the concept of utilizing technology to build projects from scratch. But gradually, I adapted, and now here I am! Growth did indeed start at the end of my comfort zone! Moreover, from this programme I hope to acquire many soft and technical skills, some of which have already been learnt. I am most definitely a more social person than I previously was all thanks to the programme, and this is still a work in progress. Many other skills, too numerous to mention, were also both gained and honed.

Currently, I am working on a project entitled Through the Lens of Visual Arts. The process thus far has been quite fun I must say! Through the lens of Visual Arts will explore the various emancipation monuments in the Caribbean and the details that each entails. I am anxiously looking forward to seeing the finished product.

Though I am having a very exciting ride in the programme thus far, it does require a lot of time management in regards to balancing the different facets of life. Intern hours have been a great challenge to keep up with because of time constraints. So much to do and not enough hours in the day! However, the internship is undeniably exceeding my expectations thus far. In the following year, I do hope to further improve on my time management skills. This internship programme nevertheless is indubitably an investment.

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