New One-Day Workshop for Create and Code

The Create Caribbean team is at it again, bringing a one-day workshop just for building apps to your kids. Join us on May 9 for the experience of using HTML, Javascript, and Ruby to learn how to build web and mobile applications. The registration fee is only $35.



Look out for more information on our summer coding programs beginning in July!

What does Create Caribbean mean to Dominica State College

At the official opening of Create Caribbean on April 9, the Institute’s interns and other students from the Dominica State College community shared their experiences learning and working with Create Caribbean. Here’s what they had to say:

Create goes on tour again

This Saturday, the Create Caribbean team was in the historic Kalinago Territory at the Salybia Primary School where we partnered once again with the Nature Island Literary Festival for its annual Children’s Workshop on Tour. In addition, to working with students on storytelling and creative writing, we once again taught digital media workshops based on our Create and Code curriculum. Students from Atkinson Primary School, Sineku Primary School, Salybia Primary School and Lighthouse Christian Academy had the opportunity to learn HTML, Ruby and game building with Scratch. What a fun day!


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Create Caribbean teaches Digital Media with NILF

The Create Caribbean team joined the Nature Island Literary Festival (NILF) today for its annual “Children’s Workshop on Tour” program. Today, the interns went to the north of the island to Portsmouth at St. John’s Catholic School for a Saturday morning program of creative writing, art and digital media. The team previewed its short story Chief Jacko, Superhero, part of the larger Maroon Country project, to a room of almost 90 children between 5 and 12 years old. Then the interns introduced the 9-12 year olds to the basics of building a website with an Introduction to HTML and the basics of building apps and games with Ruby and Scratch. Create Caribbean will join NILF for two more tour events in the coming weeks. The digital media workshop used with the NILF program is part of Create Caribbean’s Create and Code curriculum.











Introducing Create Caribbean

Create Caribbean’s Director, Schuyler Esprit, talks to Dominica’s CBN4 News about the process of getting the new research institute off the ground and her hopes for its growth and development. According to CBN4:

She explained, “It is a venture that I proposed to the Administration of the Dominica State College, to basically bring an element of innovation and creativity to the higher education environment by the use of research and Technology.”

Dr. Esprit further described the Research Institute as an initiative to get Students, Instructors, Policy Makers, Public Sectors, Private Sectors and Stakeholders involved in building their Research Capacities in the country and in the region.

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