Visualizing Caribbean Literary Encounters: Progress Report 2

In the second week of working on the Visualizing Caribbean Literary Encounters project, I continued using WorldCat to search for books. Unlike last week where I was experimenting with different websites to find the best one and trying to find a way to find Caribbean authors, I had a method of locating authors, as well as a way to find the books they wrote, hence it was getting quite easy. As I searched for more Caribbean authors it quickly became apparent to me that there were a number of things that I did not know about authors in general.

I don’t consider myself a book-heavy person so I’m not too common with the world of literature so I did not know the number of books that a person could write. For this reason, I thought the number of books would be 20 at most but I was extremely incorrect on that front. In my searching, I found authors that have written books, articles, and poems more than double what I thought someone could write in a matter of a few years.

One of those authors was Jones Evan who was a Jamaican author. While looking through the different books he wrote, as Miss Esprit said in one of our class’s that just by reading the title of a book impels you to want to learn why the book was given that title, I became very interested in the different titles on some of the books. Some of these include “Tales of the Caribbean: the beginning of things”, “A food lover’s companion”, “Stone haven”, etc. I would believe that these books will be a very interesting read and I could also learn more about the author’s way of thinking through his books and poems.

In general, I’m learning a lot from my search for books written by Caribbean authors, my research skills are improving and I’m becoming more and more interested in the world of literature.

Word Count: 325

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