Progress Report 3: Visualizing Caribbean Literary Encounters.

This week as I continued working on the Writers, Readers, and Scenes Digital Project: Visualizing Caribbean Literary Encounters, I proceeded by using the same method that I used the week before. However, I added a few new tweaks in order to find a wider range of books and other literature written by Caribbean authors within the time period of 2011 to 2022. The modified method I used in order to find the books needed was to research books written by Caribbean authors in 2020 for example, then when I got the names of the authors, I would search WorldCat, google books, amazon, google scholar, and the internet archive in order to find more literature written by those authors. Amazon and Goodreads really came in handy to my research since they significantly provided a wider range of books written between 2011 to 2022 compared to all the other sites that I used.

However, this week, one challenge that I faced was with the date of publication for some of the books written by these Caribbean authors. I realized that some of the websites would give different dates of publication for the same book and so I became tasked with new research of googling the actual publication dates before adding the books onto Zotero. This was a very time-consuming process, but in doing this I obtained additional knowledge on each of these authors individually such as wherein the Caribbean they were born or their Heritage, etc.

This week, using the tools for this project, mainly Zotero became very easy to maneuver with compared to the first two weeks. Although it’s still a work in progress since I am not the most technologically savvy individual, I am confident that I am taking the right steps to better understand what I have to do in order to complete the work assigned to me for this project.

Word Count: 312 words.

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