Visualizing Caribbean Literary Encounters: Progress Report 2

This week as I delved deeper into the collection of literary work by Caribbean authors within 2011 and 2022, the process slowly started to become easier. I continued using the same strategy where I would research famous Caribbean Authors then search their names on WorldCat, Google Books, Internet Archive, and the Digital Library of the Caribbean. However, while doing this I would take time off to read up on well-known authors like Kamau Brathwaite, V.S. Naipaul, and Maryse Conde and look into their different literary works. I did this in order to gain knowledge that I believe will be beneficial to me as a student who resides in the Caribbean. This knowledge might even be of benefit to me later on in the creation and analysis of the readers, writers, and scenes digital project.

So far, my collection of books written from 2011 to 2022 made me take a special interest in reading certain books just by reading their titles and description; A perfect example of this was the Caribbean Murder, 16 books series written by Jaden Skye. Doing this research showed me how the topics that Caribbean authors write about change over time. I realized that the authors of 2011- 2022 are writing about relevant topics of today like modern love stories compared to the authors of the late 1800s and 1900s who would write about slavery and other topics that were relevant during their times.

This week, I faced a couple of challenges. Firstly, I encountered some problems with the original publication date of certain books because when I searched the book on different archival platforms, I was given completely different first publication dates. So in order to fix this problem, I had to research the book on google where I would find the right publication date before saving it to Zotero. However as time progresses, the whole collection of literary work is becoming easier and I am gaining a lot of knowledge of different work by Caribbean authors.

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