Create and Code is back for 2016!

Create Caribbean Research Institute at Dominica State College presents the official start of the Create and Code technology education programme for 2016. Create Caribbean Inc. aims to foster technological innovation and social change starting with Dominica’s youth.

Create and Code, “Technology for Education and Imagination,” is designed for children ages 7-14. At our “Create classroom” located at Dominica State College in Stockfarm, they delve into a creative oasis where they expand their knowledge of creative arts, social issues and digital literacy. The 2016 return of Create and Code features two digital “mascots,” 8-Bit and Pixel, who will guide the students along their journey to be young creators of digital content.PIXEL&8BIT-Create Shirts_Transparent-01

The one-day workshop runs from 9am to 4pm on select Saturdays in April. For a small rate of only $35, students can enjoy the Create and Code experience on April 9 and 16. On April 23, Create and Code will host a special girls-only edition to recognize International Girls in ICT Day! On April 30, the Create Caribbean team will take the workshop on the road to support a special school community and help bridge the digital divide across Dominica.

Each Saturday, the kids learn how to code in order to build apps, develop games, or design websites. Most importantly, they learn how to use the Internet in a responsible way. The curriculum is designed to accommodate each child’s computer literacy level. The games, apps and websites built during the course of the programme highlight social issues within Dominica and the wider Caribbean in order to expose the students to relevant topics that affect their own lives. Some examples are bullying, climate change, tourism, crime prevention and much more.

According to Create Caribbean Director, Dr. Schuyler Esprit, “The goal is also to help the students see themselves and their concerns reflected in the art and technology they produce. Pixar and Disney film productions are great examples of the power of technology and creativity are fun places to learn life lessons, but Dominica’s children deserve spaces to reflect their own talents, hopes and dreams.”C&CFlyer_Updated

The children also strengthen their grasp of the evolving digital world when they work hand in hand with the student interns of Create Caribbean’s Research and Service Learning Programme, who are well equipped to help them master their knowledge of the various software, programs and apps. Participants in Create and Code also strengthen their teamwork and collaboration skills as they work in groups to design and build digital content.

Computer Science is becoming one of the most widely used disciplines in the world. At Create Caribbean’s Create and Code programme,  students are introduced to computer science in a fun and familiar way. Students at Create and Code learn how to “think it all the way through” to explore their creativity and reasoning, and improve their problem solving skills. This programme is a stepping-stone for children who wish to become programmers or artists and innovators of any kind. Create and Code will also hold its Summer Tech Camp in 2016, expected to run from July 4.

Create Caribbean Research Institute at Dominica State College is committed to reshaping our country and the world by exposing students to critical reasoning and problem solving skills within and beyond STEM fields. With their knowledge of coding and its application in creative expression, our children will be ready to face the world!

For more information or to register, contact Create Caribbean Inc. at or by phone at (767)225-4861 or (767)613-8731.

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