My Carisealand Experience

By B. Melissa E. Santiago 

 According to  Carisealand is a digital research and community-inclusive project of Create Caribbean Research Institute, the first digital humanities center in the Caribbean. 

This semester I mainly reviewed the information that was on the excel page named Carisealand resources for environmentalism and sustainability. I completed two abstracts for my project from last semester. I also did research and got some information that could back up the points from my project for Marine Life and Global Warming, and cited it to add on to The Carisealand Syllabus.

  I had to work on ArcGIS for the mapping part of Carisealand. I had to ensure that the points on the map in arcgis were placed in the correct location. This is so because after the information was moved from its previous platform some of the information was messed up and the points moved location. The points on the map were the location given in the Carisealand resources for environmentalism and sustainability document. I was given two islands to look over, French Guiana and Dominican Republic.

 I would say I’ve been successful in the research aspect of the project. But I’ve fallen short when it comes to ArcGIS program. I’ve watched the tutorial done by Miss Espirit countless and tried getting help from some other create members (creators) such as Tracey and Shalian. I’ve tried to make some changes but up to these day it doesn’t seem to save. Since I no longer have a laptop the time for me to contribute to the project has been limited to when I have the create laptop. Which I have been using for the pass few weeks. 

  I been learning how to operate ArcGIS and other programs thanks to this project. My research skill have also gotten a lot better , I’ve learnt about the different sites, and ways in which research is done.

 I hope that with the free time I have now due to quarantine I can get a handle on ArcGIS and be able to actually complete my part of the project. I also hope to learn how to code with one of the creators named Kodie.

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