Moving Along

By Raïssa Henderson

We all know, you never miss a good thing until it is gone.

Hurricane Maria destroyed most of our forests, one of the most significant and immensely resourceful ecosystems. But, do we really miss the goodness of the forest biodiversity that was lost, or the shade and coolness it provided us?

Did we really appreciate the intrinsic value of the forest and its wildlife as much as we appreciated its instrumental value? These are just a few questions that come to mind as I go through this project.

The Forest and Wildlife Biodiversity topic of the Carisealand project focuses on the conservation and preservation of the forests and the humanistic impact of climate change. Biodiversity is the numerous plants, animals and microbes that inhabit the biosphere.

This project has provided me with a new and great perspective of nature so far only through descriptive research. Getting to the best part, the humanistic correlation has been apprehensive since my aim is to be thorough and stay on topic.

I am excited to the see the results and the work of my fellows interns come together as the masterpiece that is Carisealand. I hope the message we try to project is well received and that we can actually make a change as digital humanists.

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