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Create Caribbean Inc. is  a non-profit academic research and teaching centre. We are currently located on the Caribbean island of Dominica, a developing nation with comparatively limited resources to devote to substantial complementary programs to support its higher education infrastructure.

As such, our resources are limited and we are constantly engaging new ideas that will allow us to develop and sustain our programmes and activities, an investment in the high quality contribution to Caribbean tertiary education that is possible through our research institute.

We welcome material and intellectual support from all parts of the world and encourage governmental, academic, NGO and corporate partners to find out more about our mission and activities with an eye to becoming a part of our Create Caribbean vision.

There are also opportunities for mentorship of Dominica State College students, and we encourage scholars in a wide range of fields and disciplines who work with Caribbean culture to help us nurture a new generation of innovators and intellectuals.

Use our contact form below to find out how you can be part of our Create Caribbean team.






We’ve already received generous support from the following institutes and organizations in Dominica and other parts of the world:

  • Dominica National Petroleum Company
  • National Employment Programme (Dominica)
  • DesignStudio (Dominica)
  • Krazy Tees (Dominica)
  • Ricardo’s HVAC (Brooklyn, NY)
  • Discover Dominica Authority
  • Division of Culture
  • Youth Development Division

The institutional support, along with a number of individual donations from supporters, has made it possible for us to enhance the college’s research capacity, provide coding and gaming workshops to students, and partner with community organizations on cultural preservation projects.



You can support Create Caribbean Inc.’s operational costs and various programs through donations in cash or kind. Every donation helps us to continue funding tech education programs to a diverse group of students across socioeconomic lines, to continue to build cultural and historical networks by contributing to much-needed resources, and helps us to share the products of research with Dominica State College and the wider national and regional community through our academic and outreach programs. Use the contact form to find out more.