Food Maps Update 3

by Kieron Clunes

As I proceed further into my data gathering, my steady progress has been called to a halt. For the past few weeks I have been looking at the DEXIA client database of farmers. This database was at the very heart of my project as it provided me with not only the physical locations of the mass client farms under the Dominica Export Import Agency, but it also provided me with the relevant contact for the farmers in charge. If an interview was to be included in my project, this information would have been very vital to my cause.

However, I have just recently found out that there may be a great possibility that this information, i.e. the farms, their physical locations, owners and contact information, is out of date. Using the dates of publisment of the last few news articles on the website as the driving factor to my revelation, I have placed myself in a position where I must go out again in search of a more reliable source of information. I intend to make a visit to the main DEXIA building in search of my data and I hope to find more than I anticipated.

Project update- week 3

By Alaina Mathew

This week, I visited spark and knightlab to familiarize myself with the various tools that each have available.

On knightlab, I found juxtapose very interesting as I continued to play around with it. It helps compare two pieces of media, to highlight then and now stories. I intend to use juxtapose for my project topic to show before and after photos that show the impact of Hurricane Maria in the community of Salisbury. This way, it would be easy to detect how much damage was done, the time it took to rebuild and how much progress was made in under a two year period.

StoryMap was another ingesting tool I believe will aid in telling my story. StoryMap helps to tell a story by highlighting the locations of a series of events. I wish to use this tool to pinpoint the businesses that were affected in Salisbury after the hurricane.

SceneVR was another unique tool that has potential for my project. It turns stories into navigable scenes in 360° narratives. It is a very unique feature especially as it allows you to view images in 360°,making it easy to see every detail of a photo.

Sadly, I did not find any interesting tools to use in my project on Spark. However I may be using its features for future projects. There are features to create webpages, graphics and video stories. It mainly did not catch my interest as I am seeking more interactive tools to use for my project.

As of now, I have three options from knightlab which I am very interested in using for my project. Juxtapose, StoryMap and Scene are all very interesting tools I wish to use for my topic. I’m not quite sure if I will incorporate all or two of them. Or just focus on one. But for now, they all seem very interesting. For the upcoming week, I want to be able to choose which DH tool I will be using and begin working on my project.