Food Maps Update 2

by Kieron Clunes

As I end the second week of my “Food Map” project, I can confidently say that I am beginning to get a hang of using the ArcGIS Mapping software. I’ve already completed many mini test projects to further confirm that this software will be able to complete the task I’ve set out for myself.

I’ve also learnt that the data I seek may already be collected and that I may have access to it. The Dominica Export Import Agency (DEXIA) is a public sector institution and is responsible for the development of Dominica’s market for agricultural and agro-processed products. After doing some research, I have found the client database that belongs to DEXIA provides the exact information that I need with the inclusion of extra data that may help develop my project further. I intend to look more into the information provided to me in hopes of finally being able to implement this data with the ArcGIS software.

Update 2: Carisealand Project

By Shalian Shaw

Although I did not accomplish all that I wanted to during the past week, I did do some work relating to my project. I mainly did research pertaining to my overall topic to contribute to the carisealand syllabus that all the interns are working on together. I also thought about the direction I wish to go in with my project and some of the aesthetics of it.

While doing my research I found it quite difficult to obtain a vast amount of information about Dominica. After searching through numerous pages and even changing the search words I came up with very little, which was initially discouraging. Most articles were about bigger and more well known caribbean islands such as Puerto rico, Jamaica and Trinidad.

Following a digital humanities class last saturday, I feel a bit more confident in what I wish to do for my project. Although I am still not so versed in the area of technology I feel like I will be able to execute it well. I have come to a decision at to what tools I should use, considering what I wish to do and the information I intend on presenting.

Last week, I hoped to have visited the office of the Forestry, Wildlife and National Parks Division to further look into the changes of our forests over the past few years, but i was not able to do so. In the upcoming week I aim to finally visit the office. I have also formulated some key questions I wish to ask as well. Along with that I have to continue my research and make myself more familiar with the tools needed to execute my project.

Project Update 2

By Rhesa Lawrence

Last week I still had problems trying to my footing on the project. Therefore, today I found the quietest place on the compound and sat at my laptop. It finally occurred to me that I should get a greater understanding of culture is so that executing my project can now seem possible. Today I was able to read an article that not only explains that a country’s culture is always changing but how the effects of climate change have a greater effect on how fast we must modify our culture to adapt to the changes brought on due climate change. After reading the document I had a greater understanding of how I should begin my project.

As much as I love my country it saddens me to see that I cannot plenty of relevant information on country pertaining to climate change. I spent just over an hour and a half searching the web for articles and government-based website for culture and heritage on Dominica. For a country with such a vibrant culture and heritage, the availability of online information was very poor. Quite a bit of external links on the government websites was not working. However, the websites that were working a lot of valuable information was obtained from them.

In the upcoming week, I will be going much deeper than the surface and try to really understand what exactly does the Dominican culture entail, and what events due to climate change brought on the alteration of our culture. Also, I will be researching how independence celebrations have changed over time.

Project update- week 2

By Alaina Mathew

Economic and Political Impacts of Climate Change

Cost of Living in the Age of Climate Change.

Climate Change does not discriminate. It does not choose between the whites or blacks, or the Christians or Buddhist, it does not choose between the rich or poor. Climate Change doesn’t see colour, race, nationality, religion, finance. It affects us all.

As the semester approaches its end and the project is soon due, I cannot help but feel anxious and nervous. Though I have over a month left to complete my project, I feel as if I have accomplished nothing. Or not enough. I have often though about where I want to go with my topic, how exactly I’m going to tackle it but I feel overwhelmed because I’m not quite sure where to start. Climate change is a topic that everyone is aware of, yes. But I find it difficult to formulate a project that is specific, something that I can pinpoint and work on directly.

I have been researching for the past week about my topic. I found over 30 sites with relevant information on climate change. I mostly focused on the economic impacts of climate change on agriculture. To which I got a vast amount of websites and articles to read. The rest consisted of economic impacts of climate change on fisheries. What I did not research however and could not research was the economic impacts it has on communities. For my topic I will be assessing how people were displaced after TS Erika and Maria, and how it put a strain on businesses in Salisbury. How these extreme events affected the economy of Salisbury.

This upcoming week, I will focus mainly on familiarizing with the Digital Humanities tools. I previously decided to use mapping, however I wish to use the other tools and choose from the options that will tell my story best. Or which one I’m more comfortable in navigating.

Carisealand Project Update 2

By Serena Maxwell

Throughout the duration of this week, I dedicated my time to searching for relevant websites that would provide the necessary information pertaining to my topic. I was able to find a plethora of information from different websites and thus include them in the Carisealand syllabus. I was also able to analyze the sites and select the information which was significant to my topic.

In order to fully and effectively bring forth the message of this project, I intend to use mapping software to create a story map of Dominica, identifying the key tourist destinations in Dominica. I will continue to investigate the effects of the climate change on the natural tourist sites on the island. I particularly want to focus on the increased intensity of natural disasters, especially hurricanes and the way in which it impacts the waterfalls and national hiking trails, for example.

I intend to conduct an interview with technical officers in the Ministry of Tourism, in the following week in order to obtain more information about this topic. I will also organize an island tour, whereby I will visit various tourist sites around the island as well as interviewing those employed in the sector in order to gather more information.
From my research thus far, I have been able to formulate a picture of the best way to present this project in order to capture the essence of the topic. From previous knowledge, I was aware of the serious consequences associated with climate change and after conducting this research, I better understand just how grave the effects of human actions on the environment are.

It is quite ironic that the actions of man which have led to the destruction the natural environment, in the end, still negatively affect man himself. I will also be exploring solutions to these problems as well, in order to create a tourism product, which, in and of itself, is resilient to the effects of climate change.