By Tracey Daway

The film “Children of Men” was released in September 22, 2006.  Aside from the fact that it was the financial flop, nothing else about the film was a disappointment.  The film takes place in England in the year 2027, 18 years after a worldwide infertility epidemic has made human reproduction impossible. This no doubt led to global unrest and a refugee epidemic in Britain, which also happens to be the one of the last functioning governments.  In response to the recent terrorism and uprising the United Kingdom has become an authoritarian regime.

In life, at times to see the bigger picture we must retrace our steps, look back and break down things from the end to start.  At the end of the film, Theo (Clive Owen) is seen leaving on a boat with Kee (Clare-Hope Ashitey), he reveals to her that he is shot and has been bleeding out for an unknown amount of time; clearly he is going to die.  Throughout the film he has been headstrong and hopeful and resilient in spite of everything going on around him. He was a symbol of perseverance, it can be said that he represented the hidden hopes of the people, the fear and rebellious outward nature tucked away their true feelings for their global situation.  However, the significance of the hopeful Theo about to die at the end, sort of seals the newborn’s fate, the baby will live on be the next symbol of hope in a hopeless world. All is not lost.

Alfonso Cuaron, the Director of the film employs his habit of long shots in this film, it gives a sense of heightened realism. This makes it easier for viewers to connect to the scenes an feel the emotions conveyed, the anguish of the people and the confusion and misery.

Also, it’s important to note that an underlying subtexts in this movie is religion, it is not clear to me whether it is pro or anti religion but there are religious themes.  Faith was a key factor in the activism Theo and Julian had a part in during their youth. The Bible contains a list of stories about people needing salvation; Noah and the Flood, Moses freeing the Jews, Jesus dying for humanity to save us from the burden of our sins; we can parallel this to “Children of men”.  The world requires redemption yet again, as women have become infertile and society is run by a dour authoritarian regime. In the beginning we meet Theo, he is cynical and apathetic, like many others he has becomes a product of the current society he dwells in. Theo’s name is important, it is Greek in origin and translates loosely to “relating to God or deities,” but he seems to be just the opposite of this when we first meet him.  Hopeless, weak, feeble and fearful running and cringing from violence. However, as the movie goes on his character develops quite a bit to where we see him finding himself and his strength when he becomes responsible for getting pregnant Kee safely Tomorrow. Kee’s name is ironic because she turns out to be the ‘key’ to humanity’s survival. When Theo asks who is the father of Kee’s child, she at first jokes that she is a virgin, but then answers that she isn’t sure who the father is. While this is a reference to promiscuity, it also recalls Jesus, who had an unknown and unearthly Father.  In this scene, Theo plays the protecting Joseph to Kee’s Mary, with that unborn child being a new Jesus, the savior of the human race.

A World Without a Future

 By Melissa Santiago

 What will the end of the world look like? Is it going to be as shabby and disturbing as it is in ‘Children of Men’? Children of Men is a dystopian thriller base on the future of humanity, directed by Alfonso Cuaron: a convincing realization of London in the year 2027 in which terrorist bombs have become a norm.

     Children of Men has become one of my favorite Post Apocalyptic films with that depressed gray smokey color palette. The opening scene alone gives the views the perfect set up when in a crowded cafe people watch this news report about the youngest person on the planet dying. One of the main themes of this movie is hope but also what lack of hope can do to people. What if this world without children which we see in this film means a world without a future or not seeing it as a good thing.

      There are a ton of symbolism in this movie that has to do with cultural, religious, political and historical things; which come together to show us the different messages. The Background of the film is not to be overlooked either, cause it’s also narrating the story in a subtle way. There’s also a lot of artwork Easter eggs in the background, like the Pig from Pink Floyd’s album (rock band) and references to La Pieta (sculpture) throughout the film. Children of Men is one of the few films in which the Protagonist goes from Protagonist to minor character, and back again. It’s a film which you need to watch various times to truly understand the messages being shown. It’s what makes the film so great and enjoyable with great replay value. The long takes and the camera works repeatedly becoming preoccupied with what goes on in the background.

      We see a world which is not so different from our own in its’ moods, political climate, and issues. This world is a reflection of humanity as it is now. It’s fascinating how it shows how different individuals deal with the situation. Some turn to violence, some turn to religion and some just go on as if nothing wrong is happening around them. Theo standout as one of those people who is disengaged( someone who has lost all hopes on humanity). He questions the point of being rich and working towards something, it more like he believes its too late for any change at that point in time. But he doesn’t fight for a change, that’s until he finds something worth fighting for, in that case, the baby(which could symbolic hope, the future).

Today, 10 Fold

By Kieron Clunes

Imagine this, a gray-scaled planet earth plagued with disease, hate, marginalization, racism and infertility. Simply take what is happening at our present day and multiply 10 fold. That, is what the film Children of Men, directed by Alfonso Cuarón, is trying to portray to us, an alternate and possible future of the human race that comes with an under-song of misery and gloom.

The film takes place in an opposite form of the modern day United Kingdom. It follows the main character through a world that has been through two decades of infertility and war which has left everywhere but the United Kingdom unhabitable due to radiation and other plagues. This led to a great influx of immigrants into the country which later turned the UK into a corrupt police state. The british army soon waged war against these helpless individuals who the state refers to as “terrorists”. Among all this turmoil, one individual was somehow able to avoid the plague of infertility that had smothered the earth. This young lady was able to give birth to a child which the main character was tasked the responsibilty of bringing to the safe arms of an organization that would protect and help the young one as she grows and develops.

Believe it or not, the events that took place in the film of focus is a large scale and intensified version of our modern day events. What is there to prove to us that the current war on illegal immigration in the united states will not develop into what was portrayed to us. What is there to prove to us that one wrong move, word or “tweet” will not initiate a nuclear war between the worlds largest super powers. Rendering the world uninhabitable due to excess radiation, mutating our biological structure, and giving rise to infertility and other diseases. How is it that we are currently living a undeveloped version of a film created 13 years ago. If we fail to control the path of our future, the exposition of our people to these type of living conditions is more than likely.

Children of Men

Ashante Matthew

Was this movie intended to be a wake up call for mankind?  Are the writers, producers trying to bring about a message that civilization will take a turn for the worst unless we the people are willing to take the needed steps to preserve humanity/civilization?

Can you imagine a world with no children, no happiness, no joy and most importantly no future.

The film “Children of Men” was released in September 22, 2006.  This film portrays a world where, chaos, devastation, suffering and misery reigns and that the UK is the only place in the world which possess some sort of functional government system.  Due to this fact many illegal immigrants try to take refugee in the UK as a means of escaping terrible living conditions that they were faced with in their own country and on a mission to create better lives for themselves and their families but due to the presence of immigration enforcement they are unable to do so and this is shown in the movie when Theo describes the way in which immigration enforcements hunts down illegal immigrants “like they were hunting cockroaches.”  In the film it is brought to our attention that there is an infertility problem in the world meaning that women worldwide have been having inabilities to conceive children. Therefore as a result the world youngest person is an eighteen year old boy named “Diego” though he was not a child he provided hope for the people of the world to face another day but due to his tragic death of the Diego the world goes into a frenzy of rage, destruction, despair and mourning. Shortly after the death of Diego a young girl named “Kee” is portrayed and it is revealed that she is pregnant and this young girl is now the pillar of hope, the only light which shines in the darkness and is recognised by the world as a miracle.

The film depicts worldwide problems that we are being faced with today; terrorism attacks, American banns on illegal immigrants seeking better living conditions, leadership issues /crisis for example Venezuela which is seemed to be, being ruled under dictatorship and many other issues.

What i find most fascinating about this film is the way in which the writer was able to predict future events that we are currently facing in society today.  How was the writer able to do so? Or were these problems we are being faced with now, has always been an issue of the past? This film brings about matters of division and disunity the people of the world are no longer working together to resolve these problems instead we are fighting against each other to preserve materialistic things that will hold no value in the years to come.  Instead of fighting against each other we should be unified in making a world where in a decade or two the world and its resources shall be preserved for future generations a world where people will not have to live in fear of the thought of bringing a child into a chaotic world filled with misery and despair a world where starvation, misery and darkness prevails and where only the rich thrives and the poor dies.

The true meaning of this film is to plead with the public/audience to take a stand now so that we as  a united people shall have a chance of bringing about change to reduce the possibilities of a world like “Children of Men”.

Children Of Men

By Rennick Stevens

It was like dream, the Children of Men film felt so real to me in the sense that there were real life scenes, things that happen even in today’s world. The movie was filmed of set in the year 2027, and it all started of as a sight which one would describe as the end of the world, it was a time of trouble and the world was at war. Mothers could no longer make babies. All the mother were infertile and could produce babies. This plunged the world into a downward era. This continued until there arise a “miracle baby”, one young girl who was pregnant. This is where the story of hope was introduced among all the bad happening around. The main characters in the film was Theo and key.

This film was based on hope that’s something most of the people lost. There were few safe and civilized places, such as in the UK, more specifically London. The world was going through real bad times, the youngest person on earth was a celebrity simply because he was the youngest person on the earth. But he was killed by a fan because he refused to sign an autograph. This brought a saddest to everyone, knowing that was there last sign of hope to ever exist was just taken from them. The crowd(world) retaliated and beat the man to death. Then we have the character “key” being introduced to the movie. The character Theo was amazed at the fact that she was pregnant. To some extent I think he was reminded of his child he had back in the year 2009. Through all what they went through, human project kept them going. A safe place for the baby and key, this hope was there motivational drive that Theo had to see everything through. This child that key was carrying was to save all the world, the hope it brought to the people passed on even to me. To hope for something better to look to better days.

In this film I could potential events that could take place. The way the world we live in is going, it is only a matter of time before something such as infertility or perhaps something else happens to us. This movie thought me to better take of myself and my surroundings. There was pollution everywhere, and some of the life choices we make cause unfortunate circumstances. In the case of the movie, the women became infertile;not being able to produce babies.

In the end the moral of the story or the central theme is hope. We shouldn’t give up on our World, our home. We can do much better to prevent some of the epidemics that occur . We just need to have hope.

The Extinction of Humanity

By: Daina Joseph

Children of Men, a movie directed by Alfonso Cuaron portrays a message that should not be taken lightly. In his depiction of the world in the near future, the world suffers a life changing pandemic where pregnant women lose their children and a wave of infertility travels across the globe.

Following the movie’s plot, the youngest living human was stabbed to death. That right then and there was only the beginning of chaos that would soon over come each and every country in the world.

The United Kingdom ( England) which is considered to be one of the most peaceful countries hand to strengthen its defense system against terrorists and other ill wishers travelling to the country as immigrants.

Eighteen years after the youngest child is stabbed to death, a Woman by the name of Kee is mystically pronounced pregnant. Theo Faron is abducted by his ex-wife, who is the leader of the “fishes”, a militant immigrant group. Theo’s job was to attain papers that were meant to get Kee safely to a ship that arrived “Tomorrow” at refugee camp.

Multiple times Kee and the people with her had near death experiences. However, they overcame their trials and on the way to Bexhill, Kee gave birth to a baby girl. Of course, happiness doesn’t last long and they face more near death experiences.

A war broke out between the immigrants-who wanted to use Kee’s child for their own personal gain- and the British soldiers who stopped immigrants from illegally entering the country in order to preserve whatever resources they had left.

Amidst all of the fighting, Theo walks out with Kee ceasing the war. i mean, who would want to be the cause of death to the beginning of a new era? Surely not Me.

Let’s not ignore the main cause of all these issues that may recur. Climate change is one of the leading factors in a majority of the Earth’s problems today. That is exactly what is illustrated in the movie Children of Men. A world so drastically climate change driven that even living space becomes a fight for survival.

That’s what the Digital Humanists wish to inform individuals all over the world about. Why not try to manipulate the possible outcome to our irresponsible, and unreasonable misuse of natural resources before it’s to late? Are we going to sit back and watch the World deteriorate? It’s never to late to change the outcome of a situation. Let’s not be ignorant to the world. Let’s join hands and take care of our planet.

Not that far

By Jerelle O’Brien

The children of men is a movie based in the future; not that far from now. The movie gives insight to a possible outcome of out world if we continue on the path we are on now.

Effects of climate change and the infertility of women, produce an unruly and chaotic environment across the world. The last place considered to be ‘civilised’ is England, and even there chaos tries to follow.

The world was meant to be a sacred, peaceful place but humankind has made it into something horrible. We take things for granted, plunder, destroy and in all totally disregard the environment in worship of our unnecessary wants.

There needs to be a global understanding of how to respectfully and responsibly use resources given and available to us. A sense of more appreciation also needs to be established among mankind.

We need to ask ourselves certain questions to provide clarity in ourselves to better the world.

Continuing this path of violence and abuse of power that the world is taking will only cause life as we know it to come to an end. What will our children have? What will they do? Will they even have children of their own? Is the knowledge and examples of all these horrible things even speaking to us? Are we even paying attention to what is happening to us?

All these are questions that should be used as guidelines. A lot of people really do not consider the consequences of their heinous actions and they should.

The Children of Men

BY: Quisha Pascal

Is this what the world will become? The place that we call home? That our humanity is predicted to suffer drastically decades from now? Will human infertility be rampant?

Human infertility is the inability to become pregnant or impregnate or carry a pregnancy of a child to a full term.

In the movie Children of Men, set in 2027 it starts off by showing us the death of the world’s youngest human who was stabbed to death because he refused to give an autograph. A child hasn’t been born since 18 years ago. What is this telling us? Based on a 1992 novel by the great crime author, PD James, the film tells us that Theo, a former political activist whose spirit is rejuvenated when he was kidnapped by his divorced wife, becomes the saver of humanity. He accomplishes this feat by protecting a baby who would be the first baby to be born since 18 years ago, his mother, Kee who is the key to the future.

But what’s surprising it that the movie was created in 2006 and directed by Alfonso Cuaron.
Is Cuaron a fortune teller? Does he own a crystal ball? How was it so meticulously predicted that the world will be in ruins by now? In the film, it demonstrates that the world’s nations who once believed in humanity, equality and human rights are now vanished leaving only Britain who is slowly but surely coming along. Britain is the last functioning nation who was closed its doors to the rest of the world and engaged in war between the government and the people who still support immigrant rights.  Britain not far behind with a bomb attack not long after the news broke of the death of the youngest human. The world today is quickly becoming what the movie predicts. With terrorist attacks ever so often, to the mass shootings at churches and schools. Will the rule of law, rights of men and women be destroyed by the recklessness of the nations? What can we do to reduce this crisis?

Children of Digital Humanists -by Kodie Jean-Jacques

The movie – Children of Men on Netflix directed by Alfonso Cuaron is very awakening. A lot can be learned from it especially as it relates to Digital Humanities. In the movie, a child hasn’t been born in 18 years and the world’s youngest person has just been killed by an IED. Humankind is on the brink of extinction as a result of war and terrorism. Scientists try to figure out this biological phenomenon, however, their efforts are in vain. Later in the movie, a pregnant woman is discovered on a farm and the race begins to get her to deliver her baby safely and instill hope in the rest of humankind. Subsequently, the baby is delivered and the mood of the movie is one of happiness as the credits roll not too long after.

This conundrum is very comparable to that of digital humanities and the dissemination of information in general. Quite frankly, we all enjoy the privileges of accessing information quickly and conveniently – information that was put there by digital humanists. However, if we(the new and upcoming generation) don’t actively play our part in sharing information, there will be trouble in the morning. The information will eventually become outdated and obsolete and there will be a huge crisis.   

The birth of Tee’s baby signified hope. Once again, I compared this moment to a possible scenario as it relates to Digital Humanities. To me, the birth of Tee’s baby is analogous to the moment when young digital humanists finally grab unto the baton and continue running the race that was started by older generations. The race of information dissemination, fair use and pedagogy.           

Children of Men:- Hope and Humanity

By Rhesa Lawrence

“Since women stopped being able to have babes what’s there to hope for?” the word that struck me the most in this sentence is hope; while after watching the movie the word humanity was stuck in my head.

Theo Faron, the protagonist in the movie; is a hopeless former activist who is just surviving through the last of his years after every civilized country in the world except for England has fallen. Later down we meet Kee who is the only woman known with the ability to make children. The name Kee can also be a play on words as she is seen as the ‘key’ to humanities salvation. The ending of the movie depending on the persons point of view could either be hopeful since the boat appears in the fog or dire hopelessness.

After the world found out that women could no longer make children one by one, the first world countries began to fall. Wars, starvation, and sicknesses fell upon these countries. England being the only stable society left, they suffered from a major immigration problem; as everybody fled their country for safety in England. Picasso once said, “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.”  The society was so hopeless that their humanity was fading; causing them to no longer value art. This is depicted by persons covering wall art with white paint. On the other hand, Theo brother only focusing on the past through paintings and artwork as an escape from reality and a way of preventing him from thinking of the future.

Although this movie was made in 2006; over a decade ago some of the pictures still resonates with us to this day as we are still facing wars, America and there ban on illegal immigrants (Border Wall), North Korea and their nuclear testing, Venezuela and their leadership crisis and England so close to finalizing Brexit, just to name a few. This film is unlike any other apocalyptic films I have watched. Though it is set in 2027 there was no flying cars and gimmicky outfits; it was quite refreshing to see since in the next eight I believe that we will be wearing the same kind of clothes that we are wearing today. Also, the cause of the apocalypse was not caused by the invasion of another species, an asteroid falling to earth or an outbreak of a deadly disease, but it was the cause of our own actions and greed. This is hands down one of the best movies I have ever seen.