by Rennick Stevens

This course was very informative as well as interactive. I the level at which I learnt new stuff were unlike any other course experienced before. It teaches you to expand your knowledge, some parts, teach your own self in order to grow and manage the course better.

The different blog posts that were done during the course gave a wealth of information i didn’t know myself. It also thought me to read, listen, analyze and present data or information I’ve learnt.

Just the way we all interacted with each other as interns and students help build team work and brought us all together. We had different projects to work on and we had the liberty to research for ourselves and share with fellow Creators; just being to develop our skills and at the end presenting what we have put together. We focused on 4 – 5 digital humanities tools. I personally did story map, this was because i told a short story of my area of study. There were challenges of course while going through this course, but with the help of our reliable and dependable teacher I understood every part of every matter or problem I faced.

All in all I enjoyed this course, it was a new experience for me and I’m glad I did go through it. This will better prepare me for the future in that particular aspect of the work force in today’s world.

Public Health and Pollution

By Rennick Stevens

One may ask him/her self, can the people of Dominica contribute better to solid waste management? Pollution is defined as the presence in or introduction into the environment of a substance which has harmful or poisonous effects. This brings us to the next aspect of this project which is public health, which can be defined as, the health of the population as a whole, especially as the subject of government regulation and support. You may ask how are the 2 related, well they go hand in hand, in order to have a healthy country the environment must be healthy itself.
The findings from this study that I will acquire will demonstrate why local and state officials should take keen attention to pollution when considering and making decisions about transportation, industrial activity and regional planning. For Dominica we do not have so much industrial activities(factories) but now that we can see how harmful pollution can be, addressing it should be a key component in reducing health disparities. In the last 3 years it is safe to say that the levels of pollution has increased. As a result of the 2 major storms that occurred, there is no telling the extensive damage and pollution that has been done to our country. Also the excessive burning of garbage aiding the development of global warming and further more reacting to cause climate change. To address loss of biodiversity GOCD strategy has been habitat protection and education. Twenty percent 20% of the Dominica’s land is protected as forest reserves (the Central Forest Reserve and the Northern Forest Reserve or national parks, Morne Trois Pitons National Parks, Cabrits National Park and the Morne Diablotin National Park. In the near future my plan is to see who would one see to it that i get all avialbabe resousres. mapping out the last few months living hear in Dominica. The people will soon asking be asking questions, those i intend to provide that information. I will map the pollution for Roseau.

Climate Signs…

By Rennick Stevens

When I was 5 I wanted to be a fireman like my dad. But as I crew older Being a fireman was not so much as an interest for me. Just so, Emily Raboteau’s son moved from one interesting to another. He was once fascinated and loved train, but he entered an American Museum of natural history. Their he love for trains turned to a passion for violent weather. There was a special exhibition called “Nature’s Furry”.

This reading portrayed that we should take more interest in the things happening around us in nature. The author’s son was just a kindergartner, and he took an interest into knowing more about the violent weather. He even cut the line to erupt a virtual volcano at the exhibition. Ever wonder to yourself why these the difference in wind speed between a category 4 and a category 5 hurricane, or why is it that the eye of a storm or tornado is the calmest parts. Perhaps that we should pay more attention to these things. These catastrophic events are real, and are happening more frequently. Take for instance, hurricane Maria a perfect example this scenario.

The environment we live in is for us, the least we can do be considerate. Some of the events that occur are as a result of us human activities. We should be mind of the things that we do directly impact our earth that intern cause these violent weathers to terrorize and destroy our homes, lively-hood and life when they decide to past. We tend to treat things as, “we have time the future is still to come”, but as Martin Luther preached, ” We are now faced with the fact, my friends, that tomorrow is today. We are confronted with the fierce urgency of now”. There are many studies that have been conducted world wide of the effects of climate change. We may worry about our future generation, but our future is already here.

Climate change is really at work, for all the changes happening to weather patterns, the melting of ice glaciers, increase in heat waves from the sun hitting the earth. Its a wide diverse topic if we are to sit and deal with this issue as it presents it’s self to us. We as digital humanities partners, we are to take an interest and educate our friends, family, co-workers, neighbor. Raise the awareness of Climate change at work. The reading also mentioned that Climate Denial Kills. This can be achieved by doing things such as efforts in reducing or completely getting rid of emission of carbon into the atmosphere, think of the many people who currently being affected by climate change. There are so much more people that will get hurt or be affected by this change. Think water scarcity, think of food shortage, think of of a downhill turn for our future generation.

Think Climate Change….Think Sustainable Development.

DH Review – The Road to Freedom

By Rennick Stevens

This web resource was developed to show case Dominica’s road to independence. It highlights the transition of from being under Britain to political independence. The project covers information from the 1950s to the 1980s. It gives insight to key historical events. The web resource contains images, text-documents, parliamentary documents, audiovisual recordings among other data collection methods.

The culture of Dominica is very diverse and as suggested by the web page that is has transformed over the years. The carnival, as we know it was once called Masquerade. Back then they said that carnival was consider a dangerous event, and even today people are saying the same thing that carnival or  Masquerade. Today people can say its best to cross the bridge.

The culture of Dominica is very diverse and as suggested by the web page that is has transformed over the years. The carnival, as we know it was once called Masquerade. Back then they said that carnival was consider a dangerous event, and even today people are saying the same thing that carnival or  Masquerade. Today people can say its best to cross the bridge. I believe it was from the 1960s that world creole festival, by a man name Premier Edward Oliver Le Blanc. Dominica’s culture is our identity, without our culture we wouldn’t have known who we are today. Culture bring people together.

The economic journey of Dominica of the country was never an easy road, and according to the text the economic development is critical for nation building. From peasant labor to industrialization and den . In-terms of the social journey, from the 1950s Dominica began to develop social areas. These social activities include the building of roads, gaining access to portable drink drinking water and also communication, both in the country and from the country. Still on the history of Dominica, it was a struggle as the country grew. The lack of jobs and education would arise a new problem. Hence the reason for so many schools in the town of Roseau. But the struggles and challenges shaped and made Dominica what it is today.

All in all the history of Dominica is preserved through this web resource, it is good when we our history. In other words to know where come from.


By Rennick Stevens

The Vinegar Hill Project is center around the question
“Can the thoughtful application of new technologies, informed by archival research and sustained civic engagement, reveal new understandings of urban renewal and its long term impact on the health and welfare of a community? “. This research is based in a town called Vinergar Hills. In the mid to late 19th century this town was a African American or in other words a black Community that was declared blighted or eradicated. They seek to change and remove the culture and life styles of that community by turning it into Charlottesville.

This website has five pages. These pages include a home menu which basically introduced the main theme, the about menu. This pages us all bout the project gives us idea of what Vinegar hill is directly about. Then we have the Viseyes Exhibit, here we have maps and location. bibliography and timeline. The information is every accessible to who ever wants to know about the Vinegar hills.

This Vinegar Hills Project seeks to bring back the community which once was occupied by the African American people. It is a way of bringing history into digital memory. It is termed in the project as urban renewal, “negro removal”. The Vinegar Hills was transformed in a colored community called Charlottesville, their culture and way of life was done away with, but the Vinegar Hills Project Brings that part of history back in memory.

Since 2005 researchers from the Virginia Center for Digital History and the Carter G. Woodson Institute for African American and African Studies have been working with local residents to digitize photos, getting oral histories and to build this online archive. A memoryscape, a
memoryscape allows an area to continue to be its own place with a new history, while allowing one to experience aspects of its past.

I have also found out in further studies “in 1965, the city government razed the downtown African American neighborhood Vinegar Hill as an urban renewal project, after the city council passing a law that “unsanitary and unsafe” properties could be taken over by a housing authorities. One hundred thirty homes, thirty Black-owned businesses, and a church were destroyed. Many displaced community members moved into the Westhaven public housing project. The land was not redeveloped until the late 1970s,” this is according to the online encyclopedia.

In my opinion this transit from Vinegar Hills to Charlottesville was kind of on a races level, so to speak. The reason for me saying this is because, they wanted to do away with the culture an way of business for the African American people and turn the town into a colored town. That wasn’t right to do. They tried to erase Vinegar Hills history, but the Vinegar Hills project is based here to bring back the history of Charlottesville which was then called Vinegar heads  

Children Of Men

By Rennick Stevens

It was like dream, the Children of Men film felt so real to me in the sense that there were real life scenes, things that happen even in today’s world. The movie was filmed of set in the year 2027, and it all started of as a sight which one would describe as the end of the world, it was a time of trouble and the world was at war. Mothers could no longer make babies. All the mother were infertile and could produce babies. This plunged the world into a downward era. This continued until there arise a “miracle baby”, one young girl who was pregnant. This is where the story of hope was introduced among all the bad happening around. The main characters in the film was Theo and key.

This film was based on hope that’s something most of the people lost. There were few safe and civilized places, such as in the UK, more specifically London. The world was going through real bad times, the youngest person on earth was a celebrity simply because he was the youngest person on the earth. But he was killed by a fan because he refused to sign an autograph. This brought a saddest to everyone, knowing that was there last sign of hope to ever exist was just taken from them. The crowd(world) retaliated and beat the man to death. Then we have the character “key” being introduced to the movie. The character Theo was amazed at the fact that she was pregnant. To some extent I think he was reminded of his child he had back in the year 2009. Through all what they went through, human project kept them going. A safe place for the baby and key, this hope was there motivational drive that Theo had to see everything through. This child that key was carrying was to save all the world, the hope it brought to the people passed on even to me. To hope for something better to look to better days.

In this film I could potential events that could take place. The way the world we live in is going, it is only a matter of time before something such as infertility or perhaps something else happens to us. This movie thought me to better take of myself and my surroundings. There was pollution everywhere, and some of the life choices we make cause unfortunate circumstances. In the case of the movie, the women became infertile;not being able to produce babies.

In the end the moral of the story or the central theme is hope. We shouldn’t give up on our World, our home. We can do much better to prevent some of the epidemics that occur . We just need to have hope.

Technological Equality and Pedagogical life

The internet according the business dictionary is A means of connecting a computer to any other computer anywhere in the world via dedicated routers and servers ( In this way I choose to introduce the thought brought about by the A Bill of Rights and Principles for Learning in the Digital Age, that we must be connected as to the internet or more so the online world. It is no secret that technological learning/teaching is on the rise in today’s world. The idea of a digital connected world is emphasized in these principles. The right to every student, whether young or old, student or employee, it really doesn’t matter what part of life you fall in online learning should be available to you. The fact is technology is all around us so why not take the opportunity to better one’s self through learning online, and not just through classrooms sessions and teachers relating to you what they themselves only know. These rights state that one should be able to learn in a free environment, a different setting. To be able to try and fail without criticism or being failed by a lecturer.

The first right is the right to access; every person should have access to online learning. As previously mentions, it matters not that you are old young, a student or an employee enrolled in a training course, it could event extend to those people who were born before the age of online technology. But everyone should have the right learn online. The second right one should also pay attention to is the right to create public knowledge; one should be able to voice ideas and interact with public knowledge or online knowledge. There can be so many innovative ways to engage you as an individual as well as looking to seek personal betterment in this way. The right to quality and care; the best learning one should be able to achieve online. It is said that “Learning–not corporate profit–is the principal purpose of all education”, in order words learning should be a means of institutions gaining money and developing, but it should solely be the purpose or drive of education world wide. The right to have great teachers and great mentors. A great value mus be placed on online learning,  setting a platform to life as well as work. Online education/learning should be the basis of self improvement. It should not be limited, there should be no limit to learning online and not just a replica of what we encounter everyday. It should flexible, meaning one should be able to learn a diverse wealth of information, to challenge the mind and its thinking. It has been proven by many of my friends that learning through games that stuff actual stick in one’s mind. We are encourage to make online learning fun, interesting. Experimentation with learning only makes a better critical thinker and better develop skills in daily life.

By Rennick Stevens