by Rennick Stevens

This course was very informative as well as interactive. I the level at which I learnt new stuff were unlike any other course experienced before. It teaches you to expand your knowledge, some parts, teach your own self in order to grow and manage the course better.

The different blog posts that were done during the course gave a wealth of information i didn’t know myself. It also thought me to read, listen, analyze and present data or information I’ve learnt.

Just the way we all interacted with each other as interns and students help build team work and brought us all together. We had different projects to work on and we had the liberty to research for ourselves and share with fellow Creators; just being to develop our skills and at the end presenting what we have put together. We focused on 4 – 5 digital humanities tools. I personally did story map, this was because i told a short story of my area of study. There were challenges of course while going through this course, but with the help of our reliable and dependable teacher I understood every part of every matter or problem I faced.

All in all I enjoyed this course, it was a new experience for me and I’m glad I did go through it. This will better prepare me for the future in that particular aspect of the work force in today’s world.

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