Project Proposal (NGOs and The Aid Industrial Complex)

By Tracey Daway

How genuine is the Aid we receive from these foreign superpowers?  Is it a statement or a tactic? What really is happening with the NGOs and the aid that goes through their hands to the recipients?  In this project, I have many questions to answer but the central focus will be on the corruption, existent or non-existent linked to foreign and local aid.  Should we be so welcoming of the help or scrutinize them a bit closer? While I think it is good that we receive assistance continually following the recent tragedies that befell our island a couple years back, who is it really ‘good’ for?

I intend on using both qualitative and quantitative research methods to put together my project.  Qualitative research involves the scientific method of observation to gather non-numerical data. This type of data refers to the meanings, concepts definitions, characteristics, metaphors, symbols, and description of things.  Quantitative research refers to measurement, it supplies the fundamental link to qualitative data to bring it all together. Quantitative data can take the form of statistics or percentages, to name a couple. I would also like to clearly outline the various roles and positions several local and regional NGOs play here on the island.  To see if they have been keeping to the vision and ideals and if not, why. Are they having a positive impact on our current situation economically and emotionally?

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