Project Contribution Summary: Project Completed

By Jerelle O’Brien

My chosen topic was food and water security and i focused on the impacts of the progressiveness of hurricanes by climate change over the past 20 years.

Over the years, climate change has been shown to cause many problems and heighten the effects of many disasters. It is almost impossible to produce a resilient world considering the fact that there are so many different disasters and problems brought on by the climate change effect. Food and water security is ensuring that all people despite their status have physical and economic access to these resources.

Hurricanes have become much worse and more frequent causing countries to constantly have to rebuild even when they were actually already in the process of rebuilding. My project gave a light to one aspect of the issue.

In doing this project, I was faced with the challenges of getting pictures related to the destruction of food and water security caused by the hurricanes.

On the other hand, I really enjoyed seeing my project come together the way it did through the use of the story map software. I highlighted some of the highest wreckage causing hurricanes in the caribbean over the last 20 years. I also brought about the conversation of Hurricane Katrina as it was a head turning Category 5 hurricane that to me, made climate change seem pretty real.

I pulled and used information from many online sources. Previous blog posts aided in the visual designing and outlining of how I wanted to approach my project.

Research and information on the hurricanes were not hard to find even though some sources were not the most credible. The Https:// influenced and helped my vision for this project immensely.

Create Caribbean gave me the opportunity to accomplish such an educational project for myself and others. I would have never thought of producing a project like that or even investing my time into the research necessary for this project to come to life.

Through digital humanities and the projects me and peers completed, awareness is spread on the sectors that climate change affects and influences in our lives and in turn our world can become a much better place.

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