By Jerelle O’Brien

As the end of this project is nearing, I am researching less content and producing more of it instead. In doing all these research and reading blog posts on climate change and the different topics that are focused on in digital humanities, I have taken a heightened interest in these areas and have become more self aware of cases around me where I can see needs improvement. I have also been lured to read posts on social media relating to these things and I never thought I would but this project encouraged me too.

Digital humanities, its projects and its principles combines the age and use of technology to educate and reach people on a wide scale involving matters that are affecting the world now and the future.

So far, I have created three different story maps in an effort to better understand what I want to accomplish for my project. I am still getting used to the software but I am making progress in putting in the information in order to have a complete, wholesome presentation. In my view that would include all things relevant to my topic shown in a way that is easy to comprehend for the benefit of viewers.

These projects and research is something that should be done out of moral obligation and not by force. In present day there are easy ways to get informed, so we must utilize that to stay on top of all things happening around us in order to not fail at life.

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