Create Caribbean is a non-profit education focused organization that supports students and scholars in academic research, teaching and learning, with an emphasis on using digital technologies.

We work to bridge academic excellence, tech empowerment and civic engagement to help build a better Caribbean.

Create Caribbean Inc. is currently based in the Commonwealth of Dominica and hopes to extend its reach across the Eastern Caribbean through various outreach experiences. We are located on the Stockfarm Campus of Dominica State College.

Who We Are

  Create Caribbean’s management, interns and advisory team reflect its geographical and intellectual diversity. Our team is committed to empowering Dominican and Caribbean youth by pledging our skills and resources to the centre’s success. OUR LEADERS        

The Create Mission

  We envision a Caribbean in which knowledge is accessible and freely shared among all people. We preserve and disseminate Caribbean culture and heritage, build and share digital tools for academic use, and engage in community outreach and public education on topics of

What We Do

Create Caribbean offers a variety of teaching, research and learning opportunities for the institutions, organizations and individuals we serve. Research Institute at Dominica State College Create Caribbean Inc. has partnered with the Dominica State College to fill a gap in the


The research projects conducted at Create Caribbean are interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary. Although the projects launched by the Research Institute will prioritize Caribbean history, literature and arts, Create Caribbean facilitates and provides partnerships and other support to the entire Dominica State


Create Caribbean Research Institute at Dominica State College provides free services and consultation to Dominica State College faculty, students and staff in the areas of research support, educational technology, and other academic support services designed by the Institute or upon

Get Involved

Create Caribbean Inc. is  a non-profit academic research and teaching centre. We are currently located on the Caribbean island of Dominica, a developing nation with comparatively limited resources to devote to substantial complementary programs to support its higher education infrastructure. As such, our

Create & Code

Create and Code

Create and Code is a technology education program offered by Create Caribbean to encourage students aged 7-16 to engage multiple forms of digital literacy, including coding, game and app development, blogging and responsible social media use. Staff and interns at Create Caribbean offer one-day workshops,...

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The Interns’ Blog

Follow the interns as they learn and grow academically through their contributions to our projects.

Dominica’s History!

Check out our latest project for Dominica's annual History Week! 2016 Theme: Building Communities 1838-1938